Why cybercriminals are targeting Hospitals during COVID-19

Healthcare Global

Miles Bray

The world has ground to a halt amidst the current coronavirus crisis. But this hasn't stopped cyber criminals from attacking organisations - to the contrary! Bad actors are identifying healthcare systems as a particularly desirable target with hospitals in Spain, France, the Czech Republic and Israel all having suffered known cyber attacks since the start of the pandemic. Interpol recently released a global alert to healthcare organisations warning that criminals are attempting to use ransomware attacks to lock users out of their own systems. It may only be a matter of time until a UK hospital is affected - and even just one such attack would be devastating to the NHS at this point in time.

A sector under attack
The healthcare sector has always been vulnerable to cyber-attacks. We saw this most prominently in May 2017 when the WannaCry ransomware attack paralysed parts of the NHS. Research from last year revealed...

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