Why Strong Cybersecurity is a Must-Have for Hospitals and Health Systems Now

Digital Resolve

More than a year ago, we wrote about the increased need for better cybersecurity in the healthcare sector. What a difference a year makes. Hospitals are particularly vulnerable right now as they struggle to provide patient care during the course of COVID-19, with many of them turning to digital healthcare initiatives from telehealth and telemedicine to remote monitoring and telework—for the very first time.

John Rigi, senior advisor for cybersecurity and risk at the American Hospital Association, succinctly put everything into perspective. He recently testified at a Senate hearing on cyber threats amid the pandemic and described how it has led to a “cyber triple threat for hospitals and health systems: an expanded attack surface due to rapidly expanded network- and internet connected technologies and services; increased cyberattacks of all types; and fewer available resources to bolster cybersecurity defenses.”

To date, the healthcare industry has never experienced these levels of expansion and/or new deployments of network- and internet-connected technologies and services. Unfortunately, hospitals and health systems often overlooked the necessary security protocols because they were laser-focused on rapid technology implementations in order to minimize interruptions in patient care.

Healthcare Security Fast Facts

In October, the FBI warned...

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