Why Data Centers Aren't Keeping Up With The Public Cloud


Matt Ferrari

While I’ve been leading healthcare IT work on the public cloud for many years, part of my background is in building and growing data center infrastructure. I’m intimate with the workings of these, both large and small. As part of my day job now, I watch IT trends. One to note is the move healthcare organizations are making away from data centers to the cloud over time. Why?

While we still see some use cases for data centers, the reality is they simply can’t keep up with what the mega public cloud companies (Amazon, Google and Microsoft) can do. Yes, data centers can offer co-location, but the public cloud offers availability zones or regions, essentially data centers themselves but at a scale so much greater than a traditional data center company can offer and with different levels of responsibility in which the burden of the infrastructure isn’t on your organization.

There are four primary reasons why data centers can no longer keep up from a cloud innovation perspective.

Rate Of Innovation

When you think about the speed of innovation in the public cloud, it’s...

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