What are the biggest technology challenges facing health care?

Medical Economics

Todd Shryock

Technology has provided both benefits and challenges to doctors, regardless of specialty or location. While tech has modernized patient records and made it easier to access them, privacy safeguards in HIPAA limit what can be done. As a result, there are a number of obstacles that must be overcome to get physicians quick access to vital records in a timely manner. Medical Economics spoke with Christopher Maiona, MD, chief medical officer, PatientKeeper, about how technology is being applied in health care and how it can be improved.

Medical Economics: How has HIPAA created challenges for a digital healthcare world?

Christopher Maiona: One of the initial goals of HIPAA was to limit access to personal health information to those that had a legitimate reason for viewing, and as such, HIPAA is a both a regulatory and a moral mandate. For physicians, we certainly owe it to our patients to protect their data. But that security does come with a price. The countermeasures on the secure communication needed for compliance with HIPAA can negatively impact the...

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