What’s Keeping CISOs Up at Night? Brand Abuse

Cybersecurity Tech Accord

Faisal Shah

Chief information security officers (CISO) don’t get much rest. They can’t while their teams are in a relentless battle with adversaries working around the clock to evade defenses and leverage potential gaps in the extended perimeter of the company’s network. And now, CISOs face more insomnia as their teams are tasked with defending an even more challenging perimeter: customer-facing digital channels.

Malicious actors are using these channels to weaponize brands and compromise unsuspecting users. Like legitimate marketing campaigns, their efforts may employ an array of digital touchpoints — email, search engines, online ads, social media sites, website and marketplace listings, and even mobile app stores. Adversaries use social engineering and technology-driven exploits to divert consumers as they seek engagement with brands. Then, they employ a range of techniques to ...

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