Vulnerabilities Identified in Philips Clinical Collaboration Platform

HIPAA Journal

Steve Alder

5 low- to medium-severity vulnerabilities have been identified in the Philips Clinical Collaboration Platform (Vue PACS). If successfully exploited, an attacker could convince an authorized user to execute unauthorized actions or could result in the disclosure of information that could be used in further attacks.

Philips has not received any reports to indicate exploits for the vulnerabilities have been developed or used in real world attacks, and there have been no reports of incidents from clinical use associated with the vulnerabilities.

The vulnerabilities affect versions 12.2.1 and prior and range in severity from low (CVSS v3 base score 3.4) to medium (CVSS v3 base score 6.8).

CVE-2020-16200 – Resource exposed to the wrong control sphere – Allows unauthorized access to the resource (CVSS 6.8)

CVE-2020-16247 ...

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