Vaccine Rollout Spurs 372% Rise Bad Bots; Spear-Phishing Up 26%

Health IT Security

Jessica Davis

The vaccine rollout has spurred an increase in nefarious activities tied to the response. Imperva found a whopping 372 percent surge in bad bot traffic against healthcare sites, while Barracuda detected a 26 percent rise in spear-phishing attacks tied to the COVID-19 vaccine.

The reports are upheld by Check Point data, which revealed a significant rise in domains using the word “vaccine” in the title amid the global vaccine rollout. Researchers documented 7,056 new vaccine-related domains in the last four months, with 294 deemed potentially dangerous.

Overall, the researchers saw a 300 percent increase in the number of domain registrations, with a 29 percent spike in websites deemed potentially dangerous.

Combined with earlier reports on the rise in social engineering using...

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