VA, Air Force Test Out 5G in Hospital Settings

HealthTech Magazine

Calvin Hennick

In February 2020, the VA Palo Alto Health Care System in California became the first Department of Veterans Affairs hospital, and one of the first hospitals in the world, to establish 5G connectivity.

The VA, along with agencies such as the Department of Defense, is testing 5G to develop and validate healthcare applications that could improve patient care.

In the U.S. healthcare sector, says Dr. Thomas Osborne, director of the VA’s National Center for Collaborative Healthcare Innovation, costs are growing, the population is aging, and there are not enough providers to deliver the same care as in the past.

“It is a very dramatic time in healthcare where we have both the opportunity and the responsibility to solve these challenges,” he says. “However, if we don’t, there could be far-reaching negative consequences.”

The solution, Osborne believes, lies in technology: in particular...

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