The future of data privacy: confidential computing, quantum safe cryptography take center stage


Charlie Osborne for Zero Day

Confidential computing, quantum safe cryptography, and fully homomorphic encryption are set to change the future of data privacy as they make their way from a hypothesis to viable commercial applications.

On Thursday, IBM Research hosted an online program exploring each of these technologies and how they could impact how we securely manage, encrypt, store, and transfer information -- with each solving a different challenge posed by future data privacy concerns.

IBM has been working on confidential computing for roughly a decade. The concept behind the technology is to permit clients to retain full privacy and control over data and operational workloads through hardware-level security.

This can include the implementation of "secure enclaves" -- trusted execution environments -- which can manage data and are only accessible through authorized programming code, keeping information away not only from cloud or infrastructure providers but also external threat actors.

IBM likens the...

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