The Modern SOC Demands New Skills

Dark Reading

Chris Triolo

Today's security operations center (SOC) is drowning in alerts. Billions of them — alerts that obscure legitimate threats and burn out cybersecurity teams with tedious manual labor. Analysts are trying to reduce or refine the volume of events, but SOCs have yet to reduce events in a meaningful way.

But that's about to change. Automation and emerging technologies are enhancing and changing the organizational structure of the SOC. This is all ultimately for the better — but it means that roles will change as well; Level 1 and Level 2 analyst jobs as we currently know them are going away. Let's take a look at what a new SOC paradigm could mean for your organization.

The New SOC Means New Roles
A recent Ponemon report, "Economics of Security Operations Centers: What Is the True Cost for Effective Results?," found that one of the most significant problems with running an in-house SOC stemmed from...

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