The Healthcare Industry Needs To Step Up Its Security Game Now

Marsh & McLennan Companies

Paul Mee

Editor's Note: Welltok and Oliver Wyman recently hosted a webinar to demystify data security, with a focus on why we all need to play a role in protecting health data. Here are some of the most salient points from David MacLeod, CIO/CISO at Welltok, and Paul Mee, Partner and Cyber Platform Lead at Oliver Wyman, on a critically important and sensitive topic that is too often overlooked.

Health data in particular attracts a high value on the Dark Web, and there are major implications for businesses and consumers when it is compromised. It is no longer a question of if you’ll be hacked, but when, will you know, and how quickly you act to respond and recover effectively.

Here, we present eight hard-hitting statements from the experts to understand why all healthcare executives need to step up their security game:

1. “There are estimated to be 300,000 professional hackers across the world (many more unprofessional ones!). That’s like an entire medium-sized city coming at you all the time.”
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