The Big 8: How to heighten cybersecurity governance

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Tom Kellermann

Cyber defenders worldwide can all agree that 2020 was a transformational year. Both CISOs and security teams battled increased attack volumes and data breaches as attack techniques including island hopping continued to grow in frequency and sophistication. In its annual risk index, the World Economic Forum stated that cyberattacks are one of the most significant risks posed to corporations. The potential threats associated with these attacks have gone well beyond monetary and data loss, as falling victim can lead to attacks on customers, reputation damage, and regulatory fines that can have a grave impact on businesses.

The daunting threats and attack techniques from 2020 are expected to continue into this year. And while 2021 offers a fresh start, cybercriminals will continue to become increasingly savvy, deploying a wide range of techniques to extort, disrupt, and infiltrate organizations. Now more than ever, government and corporate leaders and consumers must become engaged in ensuring effective cybersecurity strategies are in place. Below are eight steps organizations can implement to heighten cybersecurity governance:

Recognize that the worst-case scenario has escalated...

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