The 10 Biggest Healthcare Data Breaches of 2020, So Far

Jessica Davis

Despite the COVID-19 crisis, phishing campaigns, mishandled health record disposals, and sophisticated cyberattacks are behind some of the biggest healthcare data breaches of 2020.

The healthcare sector saw a whopping 41.4 million patient records breached in 2019, fueled by a 49 percent increase in hacking, according to the Protenus Breach Barometer. And despite the COVID-19 crisis, the pace of healthcare data breaches in 2020 continue to highlight some of the sector’s biggest vulnerabilities.

The end of 2019 saw a host of ransomware attacks and vendor-related breaches that outpaced previous years in the healthcare sector. For comparison, the industry saw just 15 million records breached in 2018.

But while phishing campaigns tied to the Coronavirus peaked in mid-April, the rate of ransomware attacks and reported data breaches...

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