Study finds companies support remote work – but not securely


Duncan Riley

A new study released today says that while many companies are prepared to continue to support remote workers post COVID-19 pandemic, many are also not equipped to do so securely.

The 2020 Remote Work Report from cloud security firm Bitglass Inc. analyzes how organizations have adjusted to support remote workers amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. The idea is to understand how prepared their businesses were for the sudden shift, what actions they’re taking in cybersecurity and what their top security concerns are.

Some 84% of organizations polled for the report said that they consider it at least somewhat likely that they will continue to increase work-from-home capabilities in the future, with 44% saying that they very likely will. Of those polled, more than 75% of their workforce is currently working remotely at home, up from less than a quarter prior to the pandemic.

Now, 33% of respondents say that they’re considering making some positions that were prevously onsite permanently remote, though half say they’re not sure.

The problems come down to a lack of security when it comes to employees working from home. Some 41% of respondents said...

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