Small and Medium Sized Practices Under Increased Pressure from Cyberattacks

HIPAA Journal

Steve Alder

2020 saw cyberattacks on healthcare organizations increase significantly. While large healthcare organizations are being targeted by Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) groups and ransomware gangs, there has also been a marked increase in attacks on small- to medium-sized healthcare organizations.

A cyberattack on a large healthcare organization could allow the hackers to steal large quantities of protected health information and ransomware attacks typically see ransom demands issued for millions of dollars. The rewards from these attacks are considerable, but large healthcare organizations tend to invest heavily in cybersecurity and often have their own IT security teams to protect and monitor their IT networks. Cyberattacks on these organizations require more skill and they can be difficult and time consuming.

Medium-sized healthcare organizations also store large amounts of sensitive data, yet their networks tend to be less well protected, which makes cyberattacks much easier and still highly profitable.

Cyberattacks on Small- and Medium-Sized Healthcare Organizations are Increasing
The CTI League recently published a report highlighting the work completed by its “Dark Team” on emerging threats to...

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