Senate SolarWinds Hearing: 4 Key Issues Raised

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Scott Ferguson

The Senate Intelligence Committee's hearing Tuesday about the supply chain attack that affected SolarWinds and dozens of other companies and federal agencies answered some questions about what went wrong but also raised four key issues:

How Amazon Web Services may have been used to host malicious infrastructure;
Why the attackers conducted a "dry run";

What the true motives were for the attack, which apparently was waged by Russian hackers;

How the incident could lead to better cyberthreat and intelligence information sharing.

White House Update
Meanwhile, White House press secretary Jen Psaki said Tuesday that the Biden administration was still weighing its options for how to respond to the attack, but the response could come soon.

"We have asked the intelligence community to do further work to sharpen the attribution that the previous administration made about precisely how the hack occurred, what the extent of the damage is and what the scope and scale of the intrusion is. And we’re still in the process of working that through now," Psaki told reporters. "But it will be weeks, not months before we respond, but I’m not going to get ahead of the conclusion of that process."

Investigators believe that...

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