Sen. Angus King shares healthcare security takeaways from Cyberspace Solarium Commission

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Mike Miliard

"The reality is that we are dangerously insecure," reads the introduction to the report released earlier this year from the bipartisan national Cyberspace Solarium Commission. "Your entire life – your paycheck, your healthcare, your electricity – increasingly relies on networks of digital devices that store, process, and analyze data. These networks are vulnerable, if not already compromised."

In healthcare, as the most targeted industry, we already know that of course. But nationwide, the stakes are even higher.

"Our country has lost hundreds of billions of dollars to nation-state-sponsored intellectual property theft using cyber espionage," according to the report. "A major cyberattack on the nation’s critical infrastructure and economic system would create chaos and lasting damage exceeding that wreaked by fires in California, floods in the Midwest, and hurricanes in the Southeast."

At the HIMSS Healthcare Security Forum on Tuesday, Senator Angus King, I-Me., who co-chaired the Cyberspace Solarium Commission (which issued a 200-page report offering more than 80 recommendations toward a multi-layered national cyber defense strategy), said the federal government has to do much more.

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