Security Mistakes Your Work from Home Employees are Making


Andrew Froehlich

As more employees work from home due to the COVID-19 pandemic -- many for the first time ever -- it has become clear that data security precautions are falling by the wayside. The new environment, schedule freedoms and distractions are causing many to slip up and put sensitive company data at risk. Let’s look at some of these common security mistakes and how IT security teams can best address this challenge head-on.

Use of insecure networks

Unless employees are fairly tech savvy, they may be completely unaware that their home networks are vastly less secure compared to what they’re used to in the corporate office. WiFi is the biggest offender in these situations. That said, all employees should have long been trained on the dangers of public/open WiFi connections. It should also have been taught that the same dangers found in public WiFi also commonly exist at home. That’s why the use of a VPN or other secure communications tunnel is required when working over the internet. That said, many employees have clearly forgotten this advice and are working with sensitive data and apps on insecure networks.

Moving data/documents to non-corporate devices

Don’t just assume that your employees are using...

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