Salesforce is betting EHRs cannot improve quickly enough to meet user-experience needs of industry.

Chilmark Research

Alex Lennox-Miller

The Salesforce Healthcare and Life Sciences summit was a shot across the bow for EHRs. There was no mistaking the content of the presentations, the message of their tools and deployments, or the explicit questions focused on users presenting different ways they have leveraged the Salesforce Health Cloud. Over and over, they were asked “Why did you choose to do this in Salesforce instead of your EHR?” The answers were all similar: The EHR was too complicated, too proprietary, too expensive. The message was clear: EHRs are a clinical and billing tool. Everything else should be done through Salesforce.

Key Takeaways
Salesforce presented Health Cloud as a potential central workflow and data solution for healthcare, displacing EHRs as the fundamental tool for healthcare IT.
The current perception of Health Cloud as fundamentally an outreach and engagement tool is well entrenched and will be difficult to change.
EHR vendors are...

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