SAFE Identity Announces Internet of Medical Things Working Group

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SAFE Identity, an industry consortium and certification body operating a Trust Framework for digital identities in healthcare, today announced the Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) working group. This group, composed of digital identity experts, will establish industry standards and guidance for medical device manufacturers to build trusted, secure and interoperable credentials into their products on the production line. This effort will enable hospitals, radiology centers, medical labs and other consumers of medical devices to use a trusted standards-based credential already on the device as soon as it arrives at their loading docks.

With an average of 10-15 network connected devices per hospital bed, healthcare providers are challenged with identifying and managing all the devices on their network to ensure data confidentiality, integrity and network security. These challenges have proven to be a systemic issue exacerbated by connected medical devices, an increase in wearable devices and remote patient monitoring, which introduce additional attack vectors and increase risks that impact patient safety, privacy of Protected Health Information (PHI) and data breaches.

The work done by the IoMT working group will...

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