Rise of the machines: Why cyber-security professionals should embrace new technology


According to a recent study by Exabeam, nearly 90% of cyber-security professionals believe technological advances such as automation and machine learning will make their jobs easier in the future. However, over half (53%) of respondents aged under 45 also fear the same technology could soon make their roles redundant, leaving them out of a job.

It’s a view that’s easy to understand. After all, many of these new technologies are specifically designed to cut down on time-consuming, labour-intensive aspects of cyber-security, theoretically leading to less reliance on human labour. But in the current industry climate, how worried should employees really be about the rise of the machines?

The global picture is mixed…
Last month, the World Economic Forum (WEF) forecast that half of all tasks will be carried out by machines by 2025. Drawing from research...

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