Report: Unsecured, Misconfigured Databases Breached in Just 8 Hours

Jessica Davis

Comparitech finds it takes hackers less than nine hours to compromise unsecured or misconfigured databases, with attackers proactively targeting data instead of relying on Shodan.

New research from Comparitech shows hackers begin targeting online databases just hours after the initial setup process, finding inadvertently unsecured or misconfigured databases can be compromised in just over eight hours.

Misconfigured or unsecured databases have led to several massive healthcare data breaches in recent years. Indeed, IntSights research found about one-third of healthcare databases stored locally and in the cloud were currently exposed to the internet and putting patient data at risk.

For example, TechCrunch discovered a flaw in the back-end of LabCorp’s internal customer relationship management system was exposing patient health data in January 2020. And in August, two third-party vendors reported data breaches caused by...

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