Report: Healthcare haunted by account security

SC Magazine

Joe Uchill

The healthcare sector’s information security could use a check up.

According to a new study by Varonis that tracked 3 billion files across 58 health care firms, one in five files were visible to all employees – including one in eight containing sensitive information. More than three-quarters of organizations in the sector had at least 500 accounts that expire, and even more than that had at least a thousand “ghost accounts” of former employees that were never closed.

“One of the foundations of trust is that if you’re providing information to somebody like a health provider, that they’re keeping safe,” said David Gibson, Varonis’ chief marketing officer, a former engineer and CISSP.

“When information that sensitive is open to every employee, or to too many accounts or too many users. It is not really keeping up with that trust.”

While there was substantial variation by...

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