Rapid Threat Evolution Spurs Crucial Healthcare Cybersecurity Needs

Health IT Security

Jessica Davis

Ransomware, phishing, and human weaknesses are serious cyber risks to health IT infrastructure amid COVID-19, which makes it crucial to improve security to combat evolving threats.

It’s no secret healthcare has remained highly targeted by cybercriminals given its troves of valuable data and the high likelihood of paying ransom demands. As COVID-19 surged, hackers rapidly evolved their threats and tactics to prey on those weaknesses, spurring the need to bolster cybersecurity best practices to keep pace with evolving threats.

From March to May, cybercriminals reframed phishing attempts to prey on COVID-19 fears in targeted spear-phishing and fraud attempts on organizations, consumers, and government entities. Those working on the response were prime targets, even the World Health Organization and research firms developing vaccines...

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