Ransomware Causes 15 Days of EHR Downtime, as Payments Avg $111K

Health IT Security

Jessica Davis

The average ransomware demand paid by organizations jumped 33 percent to nearly $112,000 between the last quarter of 2019 and the first quarter of 2020, according to Coveware’s Q1 ransomware market report. And about 14 percent of Q1 ransomware attacks impacted the healthcare sector.

Further, the average ransomware attack causes 15 days of downtime, down 7 percent from Q4 2020. Researchers stressed that hospitals are most at risk of EHR downtime after a ransomware attack given the risk to patient care.

Coveware analysts reviewed more than 1,000 ransomware cases impacting clients during the first quarter and found the most successful attacks were...

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