RDP brute-force attacks are skyrocketing due to remote working

Bleeping Computer

Sergiu Gatlan

Attackers are increasingly targeting corporate resources used by employees who have now moved to work from home due to lockdown and shelter in place orders issued during the ongoing pandemic.

A highly popular solution to access enterprise devices remotely is the Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) which enables remote workers to access their work Windows workstations or servers from home. However, many of the RDP servers used to help teleworkers are directly exposed to the Internet, and, when poorly configured, they expose the organization's network to attacks. As detailed in a report published today by security researchers at Kaspersky, almost all countries have seen tremendous growth in the number of brute-force attacks launched by threat actors against exposed RDP services since the beginning of March 2020. In this type of attack, automated tools are used to...

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