Protecting Healthcare Data and Infrastructure

Security Boulevard

Inbal Voltiz

"The healthcare industry is increasingly targeted by cybercriminals. As digital transformation accelerates and more providers move their internal systems to the cloud, deploy IoT medical devices and host medical records online, they become even more vulnerable.

Over the past four years, nearly 1,500 healthcare companies have been hit with ransomware attacks, and the threat is unlikely to go away. Healthcare data is just too valuable a commodity on the black market for cybercriminals to pass up. In 2019, health organizations continued to get hit with data breaches and ransomware attacks, costing the sector an estimated $4 billion.

The data housed within hospital and healthcare provider systems can be used for identity theft and fraudulent medical care, which is why medical records and medical-related PII are in high demand on dark web marketplaces and are being sold for a steep fee. Hospitals are the main target, with 74% percent of organizations affected by ransomware attacks being hospitals or clinics. The overall cost of these attacks over the last four years is estimated at $157 million; however, the price goes beyond monetary value, also posing a danger to ..."

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