Preparing for Disaster: How UK Healthcare can Ready Itself For a Ransomware Onslaught

Infosecurity Magazine

Peter Beardmore

At the end of October – in an apparently coordinated ransomware attack – a Russian cybercrime group compromised dozens of US hospitals with the Ryuk variant and attacked potentially hundreds more. It forced key IT systems offline, leading to the cancellation of appointments and diversion of patients to other facilities.

It’s a scenario feared by the NHS, reminiscent of when it was severely hit by WannaCry in 2017. The threat such attacks pose is now arguably even greater, as they are more targeted and harder to stop.

The UK’s healthcare organizations (HCOs) need to build on security best practices that help with prevention, enhancing resilience and rapid threat detection and response. Nothing less will do in this new era of “human-operated” ransomware.

Raising the stakes

The scale of the threat facing...

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