Phishing Incidents Reported by Connecticut Department of Social Services, Mercy Iowa City and LSU Care Services

HIPAA Journal

Steve Alder

Connecticut Department of Social Services (DSS) has reported a potential breach of the protected health information of 37,000 individuals as a result of a series of phishing attacks that occurred between July and December 2019.

Several email accounts were compromised and were used to send spam emails to several DSS employees, the investigation of which confirmed the phishing attacks. A comprehensive investigation was conducted using state information technology resources and a third-party forensic IT firm, but no evidence was found to indicate the attackers had accessed patient information in the email accounts. According to the DSS breach notice, “Due to the large volume of emails involved and the nature of the phishing attack, the forensic efforts could not determine with certainty that the hackers did not access personal information.”

Identity theft protection services have...

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