Philips turns to Israeli startup for IoMT cyber-security


Dor Schwartz

Multinational health tech conglomerate Philips taps Israeli IoT security startup CyberMDX to integrate its healthcare security solution into Philips’ new healthcare-focused cyber-security services. The Israeli startup has developed a data-security platform tailored to the healthcare sector. The CyberMDX solution identifies endpoints and assesses vulnerabilities to detect, respond to, and prevent cyber incidents by utilizing cloud-based cyber-security measures to protect the IoMT (Internet of Medical Things) industry.

Protecting medical device integrity
As hospitals and medical centers become heavily reliant on the capabilities of their medical devices and clinical networks, the limitless flow of data-based possibilities further enhances a doctor’s method of providing the best care possible through a digital companion. So, to assure safety of use and medical privacy for their wide network of medical relevant customers, Philips has partnered with the Israeli startup.

"The size and complexity of modern healthcare networks necessitate...

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