Palo Alto Networks unveils IoT security solution for healthcare

Future IOT

Gigi Onag

Palo Alto Networks has introduced a new IoT security for healthcare geared to protect medical devices from unauthorised access. Using machine learning and crowd-sourced telemetry, the new solution quickly and accurately profile all devices on the network — even those never seen before.

Through ML-powered visibility, it delivers deep insights on healthcare-specific devices and vulnerabilities to help improve data security and patient safety, while meeting the needs of both IT teams and biomedical engineering teams.

“The Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) has the potential to improve healthcare, save lives, and bring massive savings. But if not properly secured, these same devices can pose huge risks,” said Anand Oswal, senior vice president and general manager, Firewall as a Platform, Palo Alto Networks. “Our vision is to give healthcare organisations complete visibility, in-depth risk analysis, and built-in prevention so they can get the maximum benefits from this transformative technology while reducing risks to patients and their data.”

According to a recent report ...

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