Office 365 Account Takeovers Surge, Research Finds

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D. Howard Kass

Fully 71 percent of Microsoft Office 365 deployments have suffered an account takeover of a legitimate user’s account, not once — but on average seven times in the last year, according to Vectra research results.

In Vectra AI’s survey of 1,112 security professionals working in mid- to large-sized organizations using Microsoft Office 365, the network detection and response (NDR) provider discovered that only one-third of the respondents believe they could identify and stop an account takeover attack immediately. The majority expect to take days or even weeks to subdue a breach.

While roughly 80 percent of security teams believe their companies have good or very good visibility into cyber attacks that skirt perimeter defenses, the confidence levels between management and security operations center (SOC) analysts contrast markedly, the data showed. While managers appear...

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