Number of cybersecurity attacks increases during COVID-19 crisis

Healthcare Finance News

Mallory Hackett

The Department of Health and Human Services has reported an increase in cybersecurity breaches in hospitals and healthcare providers' networks which may be due to COVID-19.

Between the months of February and May of this year, there have been 132 reported breaches, according to the HHS. This is an almost 50% increase in reported breaches during the same time last year.

The increase in hacking could be attributed to the COVID-19 pandemic, according to Natali Tshuva, CEO and cofounder of Sternum, an IoT cybersecurity company that provides medical device manufacturers with built-in security solutions.

The healthcare industry has, in the past few years, been one of the most targeted industries for cybercriminals," she said. "So it's only natural that at a time of crisis, we are seeing more and more attacks on the healthcare industry."

Gaining control through patients' medical devices has become

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