Nonprofit provides help to hospitals battling ransomware


Jonathan Greig

In spite of how critical they have become during the COVID-19 pandemic, hospitals have been forced to deal with a barrage of ransomware attacks over the last year. A Comparitech report found that there were 92 separate ransomware attacks in 2020 that had an effect on more than 600 US clinics, hospitals and organizations. More than 18 million patient records were exposed and the report estimates that nearly $21 billion was lost in these attacks in 2020.

Dozens of hospitals across the world have been locked out of important digital systems by attackers leveraging technology against those who need it most, forcing healthcare enterprises to make the tough choice of paying a ransom or potentially losing millions of patient files and more. Authorities in Germany even confirmed that one ransomware attack led to the death of a woman in September.

But help is...

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