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NIST urged to help small healthcare providers, add ransomware to framework

SC Magazine

Jessica Davis

As malware- and ransomware-based intrusions will continue to plague healthcare into the foreseeable future, the Workgroup for Electronic Data Interchange (WEDI) is urging NIST to combine its ransomware guide to its flagship cybersecurity framework to provide the sector with much-needed support.

WEDI is a formal advisor for the Department of Health and Human Services Secretary, with a keen focus on advancing standards for data exchange and promoting data privacy and security. The group leveraged their experience to provide healthcare-specific recommendations to NIST in its request for information on the cybersecurity framework.

In mid-February, NIST issued an RFI seeking industry feedback on its flagship cybersecurity framework and supply chain risk management guidance. WEDI issued comments based on its insights from the healthcare sector, noting the...

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