Moody's message to hospitals: Brace yourself for more ransomware attacks

Becker's Health IT

Jackie Drees

Hospitals and health systems will continue to be the targets of ransomware attacks because of the large amounts of sensitive data they harbor and the expanded use of less secure networks stemming from the pandemic-related shift to remote work, according to a Moody's Investor Services report released May 26.

Moody's estimates that the growing interconnectedness of healthcare delivery and technology will continue to leave the healthcare sector vulnerable to data breaches along with hospitals' extensive use of third-party software vendors for clinical and billing functions, among others.

While there is no way to fully prevent cyberattacks, the expanding use of telehealth and remote care during the COVID-19 pandemic will also drum up additional vulnerabilities, as potentially unsecured devices will be used to access health system networks, Moody's said.

Ransomware attacks will remain...

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