Misconfigurations, Poorly Managed Access Help Drive Data Breach Risks

Security Boulevard

George V. Hulme

Enterprise digital transformations are making the jobs of enterprise security teams to properly manage and secure their environments even more challenging. After all, as digital transformations have rapidly increased the complexity of environments as technology teams strain to maintain existing systems, deploy new cloud services, manage IoT devices, and constantly develop and deploy more applications.

And it’s that speed and complexity that has increased data security risks. A recent study conducted by IDC, on behalf of security vendor Ermetic, found that nearly 80% of the companies surveyed had experienced at least one cloud data breach in the past 18 months. And 43% of those respondents reported 10 or more breaches over that time period.

According to the 300 CISOs who participated in the survey, the following ranked highest as breach contributors: security misconfiguration (67%), lack of...

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