Microsoft warns of 'massive' phishing attack pushing legit RAT

Bleeping Computer

Lawrence Abrams

Microsoft is warning of an ongoing COVID-19 themed phishing campaign that installs the NetSupport Manager remote administration tool.

In a series of tweets, the Microsoft Security Intelligence team outlines how this "massive campaign" is spreading the tool via malicious Excel attachments.

The attack starts with emails pretending to be from the Johns Hopkins Center, which is sending an update on the number of Coronavirus-related deaths there are in the United States.

Attached to this email is an Excel file titled 'covid_usa_nyt_8072.xls', that when opened, displays a chart showing the number of deaths in the USA based on data from the New York Times. As this document contains malicious macros, it will prompt the user to 'Enable Content'. Once clicked, malicious macros will be executed to download and install the NetSupport Manager client from a remote site.

"The hundreds of unique Excel files in this campaign use highly obfuscated formulas, but all of them...

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