Microsoft purchases CyberX: Four main takeaways

ZD Net

Earlier this week, Microsoft announced that it has acquired Massachusetts-based internet-of-things (IoT) and industrial control system (ICS) security vendor CyberX. While the purchase price was not disclosed, media reports are speculating that the purchase price was somewhere between $150 million to $165 million. Founded in 2013, CyberX has raised $48 million in venture capital, so this deal provides a good return to investors.

CyberX's core solution can monitor IoT and ICS environments (passively or actively) to obtain asset information, risk, and vulnerability information, and real-time alerts about threats and malfunctioning operational equipment. The strategic intent behind the merger appears to be to expand the existing Microsoft Azure Security stack into ICS/operational technology (OT) environments.

These are our main takeaways from the Microsoft/CyberX deal...

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