Michigan Medicine Describes Framework for Informed Consent for Broader Data Sharing

Healthcare Innovation

David Raths

In New England Journal of Medicine article, researchers present what they call an ethical way to advance medical discovery and innovation while also respecting the trust of patients and research participants

With patients increasingly concerned about their privacy and with more health data being shared between medical centers and industry partners, meaningful informed consent is becoming a higher profile issue. Researchers at Michigan Medicine, the University of Michigan’s academic medical center, have developed a framework for expanding patient consent for sharing their information, and any samples taken from them, outside the university.

U-M launched the framework in 2018, and the approach is already applied to thousands of U-M patients and research study volunteers, and dozens of projects. More than half of research volunteers asked for such consent have given it, the researchers say.

In a news item on the U-M website, the researchers describe their approach...

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