Meditech Taps Google Cloud to Offer Cloud-Based Solutions

HIT Infrastructure

Samantha McGrail

Meditech recently tapped Google Cloud to introduce a suite of cloud-based solutions for a range of healthcare organizations to further expand electronic health record (EHR) capabilities.

The Meditech Cloud Platform offering is designed to advance the possibilities of the Expanse Electronic Health Record, Meditech’s next-generation, web-based platform, which will allow providers to personalize the EHR in a secure and reliable way.

“MEDITECH Cloud Platform is the pivotal next step in offering healthcare organizations the technology and tools they need to achieve their care, financial, and provider goals,” said Scott Radner, vice president of advanced technology at Meditech, in the press release.

“These integrated cloud-based solutions give our customers the security, availability, affordability, and flexibility they need — no matter their size or budget. Additionally...

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