Medigate Announces Clinical Security Operations Center Solution with Splunk

Business Wire

-Medigate, the leader in IoT and medical device security and asset management for healthcare, today announced a Clinical Security Operations Center (SOC) solution to help Splunk users at healthcare organizations accurately identify and quickly respond to all threats from connected medical and IoT devices on the network. The Clinical SOC helps users of Splunk® Enterprise and Splunk Cloud™ to detect, manage and respond to cybersecurity events in a clinical context so healthcare organizations can better understand what the findings mean for their institution.

The tailored app allows Splunkbase to consume Medigate’s data, leveraging Splunk’s advanced visualization, analytics and reporting capabilities. The data, fed into Splunk’s Data-to-Everything® Platform, enables sophisticated investigations, responses and remediation activities. As a result, healthcare institutions can easily derive specific insights based on Medigate clinical-focused IoT data. The custom handling of data...

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