Medical Device Vendor Zoll Sues IT Firm Over Breach Affecting 277K

Health IT Security

Jessica Davis

Medical device vendor Zoll filed a lawsuit with the US District Court of Massachusetts against IT service vendor Barracuda Networks, after an error during a server migration breached the personal and medical data of 277,139 patients in 2018.

Zoll initially contracted with Apptix in 2012 to provide hosted business communications solutions, entering into a business associate agreement with the entity in 2014. Apptix thenb contracted with a company called Sonian to provide various services like email archiving. Sonian merged with Barracuda Networks in 2017.

The complaint stems from a configuration error that occurred in late 2018 in the enviornment of Zoll's third-party vendor, which was tasked with records retention and maintenance requirements.


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