Mayo Clinic's strategies for securing medical devices

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Bill Siwicki

Within the last year, healthcare organizations have been proactive in their efforts to align the health industry's cybersecurity efforts to include medical device security.

Healthcare giant the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota, has evaluated and operationalized medical device security technology. It found limitations with traditional cybersecurity solutions, a need for a more targeted technology and best practices for implementing a medical device security solution.

Areas found most successful include defining mission, goals and objectives; determining needs; and aligning to a framework and security solutions.

In his upcoming HIMSS21 educational session, "Securing Medical Devices: Best Practices," Kurt A. Griggs, manager of information security at the Mayo Clinic, will discuss what the medical device ecosystem is like today, what some of the differences are between medical devices and traditional IT devices, the Mayo Clinic's approach to securing medical devices, and best practices the clinic has developed.

The medical device ecosystem
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