Management and Network Services Notifies 30,132 Patients About PHI Breach

HIPAA Journal

Management and Network Services (MNS), LLC, a Dublin, OH-based provider of administrative support services to post-acute healthcare providers, has discovered the email accounts of some of its employees have been compromised.

In a May 4, 2020 breach notification letter, MNS explained that it learned on or around August 21, 2019 that several employee email accounts had been subjected to unauthorized access between April and July of 2019. The analysis of the email accounts recently revealed five accounts contained the protected health information of patients of its clients.

The information in emails and email attachments varied from individual to individual and may have included the following data elements: name, medical treatment information, diagnosis information/codes, medication information, dates of service, insurance provider, health insurance number, date of birth, and Social Security number. A limited number of individuals also had their driver’s license number, State ID card number, and/or financial account information exposed.

MNS has taken steps to improve email security such as...

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