Lessons from the ransomware death: Prioritize cyber emergency preparedness

SC Magazine

Bradley Barth

The death of a woman at least in part because of a ransomware attack has placed security teams on high alert: put in place adequate training for the workforce and ensure network redundancy, or else risk similar tragedy and even potential liability.

According to various reports, a Sept. 10 ransomware attack that crippled systems and encrypted 30 servers at Duesseldorf University Clinic (UKD) in Germany, caused the unidentified 78-year-old woman in need of critical care to be diverted to another facility more than 20 miles further away. The woman, whom doctors could not treat for over an hour, later died.

Diverting patients in and of itself is not terribly unusual. Multiple medical providers confirmed that the practice allows certain facilities overwhelmed or temporarily unable to help certain patients to shift ambulance traffic to other facilities. However, in this case, diverting the patient also meant...

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