Keeping Health Information Secure in the Cloud

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Tammy Worth

When Ermetic, a cloud access security risk company, opened its doors in 2019, one of the first things the company did was conduct a survey to ascertain the most significant cloud-related security concerns and whether businesses were able to keep their data safe in this environment. More than three quarters of the 300 respondents had a cloud data breach in the past 18 months; almost half had at least 10 cloud breaches during that time. Amy Ariel, Chief Marketing Officer at Ermetic, which has headquarters in Palo Alto, California, and Tel Aviv, Israel, said it was “amazing” to see people admitting to those kinds of numbers, but not shocking those breaches were occurring.

“We know that the cloud is very exposed and is an open invitation and hackers are trying to get there,” she said. “In an industry where data is of value, the number of potential breaches will be high because the number of attempts is so high.”
It is important that healthcare providers understand they can be...

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