Jefferson Healthcare hit by 'phishing' cyber attack

Port Townsend Leader

Brian Kelly

The personal information of roughly 2,550 people was compromised by a "phishing" attack on the email account of an employee at Jefferson Healthcare, the organization announced Monday.

The information stolen may have included the full names of individuals, as well as their dates of birth, phone numbers, home addresses, and health insurance information.

The breech also included access to certain health information, according to Jefferson Healthcare, such as dates of service, and diagnosis and treatment information.

Phishing is an email scam where fraudsters send fake but official-looking emails in an attempt to gain access to someone's sensitive personal and financial data.

The phishing attack happened Monday, Nov. 9 and was discovered three days later.

Jefferson Healthcare officials said the organization immediately took steps to halt the unauthorized access to the employee’s email account and to prevent further access.

Anyone whose information may have been accessed because of the data breach has been...

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