Is Zero Trust the Remedy to Healthcare’s Ransomware Epidemic?

HIT Consultant

Troy Ament, Field CISO for Healthcare, Fortinet

There’s no sugarcoating it: healthcare has a serious ransomware problem. And it’s not a new problem for this sector. In fact, the first-ever such attack targeted the industry in 1989 when 20,000 floppy disks infected with ransomware were given to those who attended the World Health Organization’s AIDS Conference.

So, the problem isn’t new, but it is getting worse. Ransomware has exploded in the past several years across almost every sector, but healthcare has definitely been one of the industries bearing the brunt of the assault. It’s always been a rich target for bad actors.

These attacks have serious consequences, for obvious reasons: they potentially impact patients and their ability to access the care they need. They can take down entire systems, cut off computer access for essential services, or even lead to lawsuits for healthcare companies.

Looking at the landscape...

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