Information Security Forum: Nine Cybersecurity Threats Organizations can Expect Through 2022

Security Magazine

The Information Security Forum (ISF), a London-based authority on cybersecurity, information security and risk management has released Threat Horizon 2022, the latest in a series of annual Threat Horizon reports. Threat Horizon 2022 highlights nine major threats, broken down into three themes, that organizations can expect to face over the next two years as a result of increasing developments in technology.

Threat Horizon 2022 focuses on particularly difficult cybersecurity challenges in a way that is relevant to senior business managers, information security professionals and other key organizational stakeholders. The three key themes in the latest report include:

Theme 1 – Invasive Technology Disrupts the Everyday: New technologies will further invade every element of daily life with sensors, cameras and other devices embedded in homes, offices, factories and public spaces. A constant stream of data will flow between the digital and physical worlds, with attacks on the digital world directly impacting ...

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